As a graduate of the University of Oradea, Faculty of Economic Sciences, Specialized in Marketing, I tried to understand where marketing finds its applicability in real life and in what ways.

Working and experimenting during my years as a student, I started doing market research, marketing, personalized financial services, anything related to people seemed interesting and easy to me. Thus, I ended up spending the first years of as a young graduate working in sales and marketing research.

In 2008 I took advantage of an opportunity and- led by curiosity- I started to understand what the corporate world meant. One of the most dynamic industries- automotive – gave me the opportunity to understand its world a little differently, from the inside.

I had the opportunity to grow and learn, to work with people from different countries and cultures; I discovered how different a discussion with a German partner looks vs. a Japanese one; I lived in France, The Netherlands, Slovakia and Hungary. I collaborated with and later led multicultural teams.

Being a part of this business teaches you fast that things go beyond what we already know and how important it is to be prepared for all kind of situations and that proactivity is of essence; so I continued training in Risk Management in Supply Chain, with the help of the only internationally recognized institution for the procurement professionals, which conforms to global standards, has a network of licensed professionals that offer their expertise and case studies to ensure that the professionals trained by them have the capacity, tools and responsibility to achieve sustainable goals for their organizations – they are the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (UK) .

From a management position, you soon start to understand the importance of organizational development; so, with the help of Solutions Ahead, in 2018 we developed and implemented a customized course for teams – Organizational development, Capacity & Relationship Building.

I understood that beyond a large organization, beyond all the processes and procedures, its power resides in the people; the message that transcends the system and acts as a driver is the company’s vision and how much it motivates and grows its people.

But how do you keep people motivated?

How much of their work performance is directly related to the professional side and how much to the personal one?

I began to understand this aspect only after I continued on my path with a training in Specialist in Coaching activity in 2018, the only course accredited by the National Qualifications Authority in the NW part of the country; it made me understand the importance of personal development and I wanted to know also how to share in a professional manner what I already knew. Taking a course for Trainer within the Corporate Consulting School in 2019 (ANC accredited) helped this vision come to life.

That is how I discovered the passion to help those around me, to give back from everything I had learned, to help people identify their goals, overcome their fears, and understand the necessary steps to achieve their dreams.

Most of the time, people are afraid to talk about their dreams, but it is easier for all of us if we do not take this step alone; this is how I understood that my satisfaction comes from being a partner to people on the path towards achieving their dreams.

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