Psychology and therapy help you understand your past.

Personal development / Life Coaching gives you personalized solutions for your future.

What is the Personal Development Center for adults and teenagers

It all started with a piece of paper and a dream, I wrote down the word CENTER, at the time in a different context, but I knew that this was my path.
Why center? Because everything needs a center of growth, that place within, where everything we know meets everything we feel in order to move towards what we really want in life.

This center is the place that can help you build your inner power center. Personal development center for adults and teenagers – it is the place where knowledge and techniques from coaching, training and management meet with those who need them, adults and teenagers who are looking for something.

Adults and teenagers, who are looking for that something that gives them clarity in what they want, and then helps them in a practical way to achieve their personal or professional goals and objectives, without leaving them alone on the path.

How can we work together?

We work in the form of collective courses, 1on1 programs, and practical thematic workshops.
We start by determining together where you are on your development path and what exactly do you want, so we can find the most suitable path of growth for you. Our programs are focused on communication, coaching, and self-management.

Life Coaching & Personal life planning

When you reach a moment of your life, where you need to identify what is really important to you and build a life that respects these priorities, most of the time you recognize the need but it is not clear HOW to do this.
Now is the time when a safe, non-judgmental environment that will help you, a place and space where you have the opportunity to look honestly at your current situation and what you want to achieve in the future, and I will help you through open questions, to discover your own answers , so based on what is really important to you, you will be able to take the necessary steps towards the life you want to build yourself.

A coaching process is an efficient partnership when you want to improve aspects of your life, business, relationships, career, or you simply want to develop yourself personally, reach your maximum potential, become more productive, or to gain better control of your life, to achieve new personal or professional goals.

Specific focused workshops:

  • Self-confidence – self-confidence is what we all need to build, and you don’t have to go through this process alone. You can do it in a work group where you will find openness and understanding, but also exercises and practical help to learn how to believe in yourself, and your abilities, to really succeed in life.
  • Time management for everyday life because if you don’t decide what you are doing with your time, others will! Whether you are at that infinite scroll, or that permanent “I don’t have time” stage, together we learn that you can make time, and then use it in a way to help you achieve your personal or professional goals. These aspects belong only to us, and you can learn how to do this too!
  • Fear, anxiety, panic – the true modern monsters? Are these what keep us in place, or does everything happen because we don’t understand them and don’t know what to do when they fund us? Sometimes a new perspective on them, acceptance and understanding is all that is needed to tame them! There are a few simple but very efficient exercises and techniques that we can learn together, so that your days become more about your freedom and not about your fears.
  • Financial education – basic principles for young people and not only – is the place where we honestly look at everything that the school nor even the family environment has taught us about money from the perspective of priorities, independence, and personal values.
  • Creativity and art in everyday life – any welfare society, since ancient times, has given a significant importance to “beauty”, to things that, although they do not represent a vital priority, bring great fulfillment to our lives, bringing patronage to the fore. Indirectly, creativity is what ensures our development, whatever it is the emotional or the practical improvement of life. Recognizing, encouraging and perfecting these aspects can bring us personal fulfillment, and even recognition in society, if they are channeled in a coherent and correct way. If art is on your mind, if creativity keeps knocking at the door , but you don’t know what to do with this aspect of your life, you must never forget: “YES, you can too “! We are here for you and open for an honest discussion!

Comunicare – everyday life

  • everything you didn’t know could help you (course)
    We start from the basics of communication by identifying how and why this influences our everyday life, while understanding the communication styles we have, what are the real obstacles in making ourselves understood, we can really learn to actively listen and communicate efficiently.

Business communication

  • how to navigate in a professional environment knowing exactly what you are doing and what results to expect (course)
    If you have a B2B (business to business) professional activity, interact daily with customers/end consumers, or navigate the world of multicultural corporations, it is essential for you to understand the basics of adapted communication, what are the communication styles, and how can you use them so that you know exactly how you will be perceived and how to reach the desired results, while creating valuable personal and professional relationships.

Digital communication – the importance of a personal image

  • online is the new offline (workshop)
    Whether you have an activity that requires face-to-face interaction or not, whether you’ve already gotten used to it or it’s still not quite clear to you, WHAT and HOW we communicate in the online environment has become increasingly important in the last 2-3 years. More than ever, we have to understand where the efficiency limit is between what is just a communication style, and what starts to have a specific meaning and measurable results. It’s not rocket science, you can learn quite simply how to adapt your communication, how to intentionally manage your image and as a result your success in the online environment…and it is not limited just to social media.


Embrace Your Strengths and Adapt to Challenges

Project management is the first to teach you the importance of managing time and resources, financial and not only. Time management gives you techniques and practical tools through which you can divide and use your time intentionally, so you have time for everything mathematically speaking. What neither of the two teach you, however, is how to manage your thoughts, emotions, energy, and behaviors, so that you can make real use of that time.

For this we have self-management, built on series of concepts and practical tools, which will help you connect everything you already know with the key element – yourself – and achieve your goals, without feeling overwhelmed on the way.

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Live YOUR life

Have you found your version of what an “up-to-date” life means?

Today’s grownup wants to be fit, energetic, financially independent, but at the same time very empathetic, full of compassion and “in his place”.

To respect the traditions exactly, but to embrace with enthusiasm, and without judgment any new trend that appears on the horizon. To avoid getting stuck at all costs, but not to deviate too much from the acceptable pattern, socially speaking.

Exactly as we remember from school times where EVERY teacher was absolutely convinced that the material taught by him is the most important, and if the rest ends up being neglected.

I have bad news: in the long term, sustainably, you just CAN’T do it all!

But the good news is that finding your own version of up to date life, identifying correctly your own priorities and limits, accepting them, and working in a CONSCIOUS manner on those card pillars is the foundation of YOUR balance, personalized LIFE is POSSIBLE!

Ingrid Kovacs

I am Ingrid Kovacs, but who I am and how “yes you can ” meets halfway between magic and science…?

Life coaching online or in person!

Have you ever wondered what the differences between online and in person life coaching sessions are?

The very short answer is there aren’t any!

When done well, online coaching isn’t at all different from a face-to-face session; unless you think about how much time you’re saving from not being in traffic on your way to our meeting spot.

Life coaching is meant to help you achieve tangible and specific objectives in your life. It is not so important for us to be in the same room, as it is to be on the same path towards your goals.

It is not our distance or physical closeness that will bring you closer to what you’re set on achieving, but the clarity you are able to approach your dreams with.

Another important factor is the creativity we will use to find solutions for outlining the clear steps to be followed today, tomorrow and so on until our work becomes just observing the progress and increasing similarities of your current life and the life you want.

If you prefer, and feel more comfortable being in the same room, we will find a solution together for face to face life coaching sessions – where of course it’s geographically possible.

The possibility of working online is still one of the most effective forms, but from now on you have the possibility do that in person if preferred, at the address: Iosif Vulcan Nr. 7, ap. 6 Oradea.

Real life & thoughts

In this corner, which we called the “Real life & thoughts” we bring together those ideas that we gather after meetings or interactions with you.

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