With all the information, data, books, and YouTube out there do we still need a coach or a trainer?

The question is fair and if we are honest probably, we all have asked ourselves this at least once , why would I pay for someone to teach me something if I can buy a book cheaper? Why would I need X nr of coaching sessions if can just read “ the guide to the ideal life”  myself?

I would add one more question, what are you doing better in your professional or personal life after you read that book? How close are you to the life you want for yourself after the latest “ steps that make you happy’ read?

The reality is that now more than ever we have practically unlimited access to information, and while that can be amazing and greatly helpful it can also be confusing, overwhelming, at times contradictory and most of all not helping us get where we want to, in our loves or our jobs.

So  why can formal training, coaching or even mentoring  help?

Because transforms information  into knowledge .

A professional will not only provide you the data, the information, the results of studies and research but also the “how to”-s of all that.If you choose the right professional, you will work together to build personalized solutions to your needs and wants, for your business or your personal life.

So sooner rather than later that load of bits and pieces of information, stored in the drawer of “ I know…” transform into decisions, actions, habits and a new form you life that you are happy with while becoming the best version of yourself.