Motivation OR Discipline?

Just as we think of motivation as an initial burst of inspiration, drive, and optimism, we need to think of discipline as what will help us get things done. Otherwise, all the dreams and goals, stay just that and we are stuck in the “it could have been” mode.

Imagine that you have an inspiration, an idea, a vision that you believe in, and you start working on it motivated.

A new habit, a new job, a new lifestyle or even a new business idea, all require motivation.

You will most likely have to work on it more than you initially imagined. Most likely, the new habit will not work out every time, the new job also has unexpected challenges, or you end up working 2 jobs to keep your business alive until it takes off, which can take years – all these require discipline (not motivation). After motivation leaves you, and it will, discipline is your only long-term partner.

Motivation gives you creative energy, makes you want to be the change you want to see in the world and people. But you need the strength and support of discipline to be able to sustain new habits, consistent actions and steps, every day, to be to implement the beautiful vision created in full swing of motivation.

The question comes naturally – What is more important , motivation or discipline?

Motivation is fundamental in the decision to start something new. It is the first step in any journey to stay close and connected with your WHY-when you feel discouraged and to keep yourself inspired and inspiring others. Use discipline to dedicate the time and energy needed to progress.

Make sure you eat healthy, exercise regularly and get enough sleep. We hear these things daily and yet we don’t realize how much we need them until we reach exhaustion, either of motivation or of our own body. We all need a healthy routine for both our body and our thoughts to be able to work hard on our personal and professional dreams and goals.

Discipline is what will save you from giving up, it will help you stay focused despite distractions and the temptation to procrastinate.


 Motivation produces emotions, but discipline produces results.

 Motivation is temporary, but discipline perseveres.

 Motivation decreases over time, but discipline increases over time.

 Motivation is occasional, but discipline is a lifestyle.

Discipline will take you to places where motivation simply cannot!

We don’t need motivation OR discipline; we need motivation AND discipline to succeed in anything really important that we set ourself in life.