Personal Development Centre

The idea of the CENTER was born from the need for in person meetings for educational purposes, after a long period when this was not possible.

The need for spaces suitable to manage workshops, training courses and discussions could have been solved by renting case by case but was really not our solution.

After some personal experiences, it became clear what we wanted and what would be constructive, ideal for an educational, creative activity, full of positive feelings, but since we did not find something suitable for these specific needs, we created a place, which today is called the Center of personal development for adults and teenagers – Ingrid.

The location is in the center of Oradea, on the banks of the River Crisul Repede, in that very well-known historical center, which we can see in many pictures and posts on social media.

You can find us in Casa Fodor (former Casa Agrara de Economii), also included in Oradea Heritage, it is the building that conquered us with its architecture and special atmosphere, and as if invited us to stop and admire the view that the window offers the main one, directly facing the Astoria Hotel.

We wanted to keep the atmosphere so personalization on our part consists in choosing the most practical furniture for meetings of up to 25 people, taking into account the fact that we aim to ensure an atmosphere completely different from the usual atmosphere of a typical conference room.

To achieve this goal, we used a bright, modern color scheme, and some details designed to give a necessarily positive vibe.
Our team is already enjoying the facilities offered by this place, but we thought of offering others the opportunity to rent this space within the limit of available free time.

More details can be found in the offer below: