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Are you looking for practical solutions to the challenges you face in your life, career or relationships … or you simply want more from life but don’t know where to start at?

Try the solutions proposed by Ingrid Personal Development Centre!

Have you been wondering how personal development can help you?

As a result of sustained life coaching sessions, my clients have observed increasing levels of clarity, more success in accomplishing the goals they set for themselves, and all this being accompanied by fulfilling relationships and a way of life based on balance with themselves and their environment.

Life Coaching

Dare to accept that you, yes!

You too, have the right to have the life you dream of, a life in which you live in harmony with yourself and those around you!

This is not an exaggerated desire.

Every person should understand that it is their right and that there are solutions – such as life coaching – that can lead you on your path to a fulfilled life.

Our sessions will be highly personalized, not just predictable steps from a generic coaching program. I strongly believe in a process adapted to your own person and to the area of ​​life that you want to focus on, whether it is a business idea, family, career, better organization or your own personal development.

Self Management

Project management is the first to teach you the importance of managing time and resources, financial and not only.

Time management gives you techniques and practical tools through which you can divide and use your time intentionally, so you have time for everything mathematically speaking. What neither of the two teach you, however, is how to manage your thoughts, emotions, energy, and behaviors, so that you can make real use of that time.

For this we have self-management, built on series of concepts and practical tools, which will help you connect everything you already know with the key element – yourself – and achieve your goals, without feeling overwhelmed on the way.

Let’s get to know each other – 60 minute talk

Do you constantly have this feeling that you want more; maybe it’s not always clear what it is that you want … but you feel like life should be more than what it is today? 

You feel you have the power to do more, but don’t exactly know where to start from and whom to talk to in order to find support for the first steps and guidance along the way?

Or maybe you already know what it is that you want and how to start but you’re curious to understand how I could help you get there?

How life coaching can help you get wherever you want faster and more efficiently?

I’m glad you have these questions in mind and that’s why I want to help you with a first free life-coaching session in which we get to know each other and discover what we could work on together.

The goal is that you start finding answers and solutions, as opposed to just obstacles and uncertainty.

Provide me with you contact information and I reach out to you soon to set up our session!

Life coaching

From my experience and that of those I have worked with, I can tell you that the most efficient working speed for you will be halfway between what is still comfortable for you and the next step for which you don’t feel quite ready, or maybe even scares you.

Yes, it is perfectly normal to feel scared at times.

A lot of the progress will be made in between two sessions; that’s why you will sometimes have topics for observation, reflection and self-assessment. I will challenge just you as much as I will help you.

We will analyze together the conclusions you reach at every step; so that they help you define and implement the next steps.

Along this road you will have my permanent support;

I will be the one who believes in you and your dream even when you’ve lost confidence in yourself or the direction you were heading into.

By doing so, we ensure that you get to where you want; because that’s what life coaching is all about.

Time management

Why do we still get stuck on this Yes I know, but I don’t have the time line?

Most of the time, our biggest struggle is being torn between what we know and what we feel; reason vs. feeling. Although we understand why time management is important, we fail at self-management not only from a time point of view.

In business, at work – and possibly in anything you perceive as an obligation/ responsibility- you most likely manage to be efficient, reactive and on time. Then you get home and everything becomes overwhelming, less likely to get done and often just too complex, which only drains the last bit of energy you had left. Time management will help you efficiently manage not only your time but also your energy. It’s not about doing everything faster. It’s about doing it better, easier, stress-free, while creating a more stable balance between all the elements that encompass your life – because it is about much more than just work and personal life. This way you will learn to manage yourself … you and your time, so that life is no longer an extensive to do list of chores, but a series of activities that you prioritize and acknowledge the importance of; actions that are proportionate in duration with the importance you grant them, in the most honest way.

You will learn to replace the automatic excuse  I have no time and it’s negative effects on your energy and emotions, with the empowerment and ease of  I choose to make time for what matters to me.


Just in case you’re horrified by lists and already have nightmares with them, give yourself a few hours to think about your time, its value, as well as your goals and needs and how your time reflects them.

At the end of the Time Management workshop you will have access to the tools that enable you to have:

  • less stress
  • more freedom
  • more time for what is really important to you
  • the sketch of an ideal routine for you

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