September reset? Is it a real help or an overrated trend?

Whatever you are going “back to school”, have kids who are just about to, or just looking for a way how to move from vacation mood to fully “back to work” mindset – September is a significant month for all of us.

September brings with it a different pace, season and creates a good foundation for us to reassess our goals. We tend to increase our workload throughout the colder, winter months which allows us to take our foot off the pedal when warmer weather comes around again – which also explains why we always want to pack so much into the summer months.

In many ways these weeks can feel like a good moment to re-think and reset, but what are we resetting exactly?

September comes with an opportunity to :

  • get yourself ready for the last four months of the year. How? Create a list of what you have already achieved, done and enjoyed this year and what you are still aiming for before the end of the year.
  • ground and integrate new practices and habits. How? Look at the list just created, what habits do you need to integrate, improve, change to reach those goals?
  • set new intentions that revive your motivation. How? Take another look at the two lists created- does all that reflect what YOU want and need? 

Taking this time to pause and reset before getting back to work or school allows you to set up structures that will support you and YOUR wellbeing and remember overhauling your entire existence all at once is not sustainable. Set yourself up for success by setting small goals one at a time so it takes minimal effort to apply them and doesn’t become an overwhelming task.

Whether your motivation involves improving your time management, changing your career, or taking more time for yourself,  the key is taking things slowly. Think about the kind of person you want to be and what type of habits that person has, and start implementing them little by little.

Stay close, I will be sharing helpful resources for that process in the upcoming weeks.