Intentionally imbalanced

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Whether it’s personal life vs. professional, or the management of our time, balance seems to be that
goal towards which we all aim. It must be ideal, round, perfect, stable, repetitive, clear, simple, make us
happy, and if it can come by itself, right?

I don’t believe in balance, at least not in THAT ideal balance between all the elements of your life.

If we analyze, honestly too few of us have only 2 elements to keep in balance. Our real balance has
about 3, 4, 5 or more elements. It’s not just a job and personal life, it’s also our passion/hobby, friends,
time with ourselves, maybe an entrepreneurial activity, or our own growth and development process.
All these require time and space in that balance.

Could our life be out of balance, and still be fine?

In reality, in life, we ​​all have periods when one or more areas of life have priority. Whether it’s the time
when you changed jobs, you’re a new parent, you just got married, you’re in the middle of a
professional conversion, you just finished or started something new, something always requires more
time and energy.

Sometimes is enough to be have an intentional imbalance. Conscious and owned.
It’s normal that life is not an ideal balance process, nobody’s is in reality (regardless of what his
Instagram says).

All you really need is to know your priorities and learn to dedicate time and energy to them according to
YOUR needs. That pressure, that feeling that adds stress to us every day is the pressure of constantly
trying to cope everywhere at 100%.

The balance in your life is not the 100% in all areas but the split of 100% of your time and energy,
shared between what is important to you, exactly in the proportion that makes sense for you, here and

You decide what your ideal balance looks like!