Psychologist or Coach, what do they do and witch one you need at this moment?

The question comes naturally and is justified, the border between the two professions can sometimes seem quite fine or unclear for many.

The psychologist is a professional who focuses and analyzes the happenings from your past that brought you to the present situation. Psychology, as a form of therapy, deals especially with a person’s past and traumas.

The psychologist will try to help you understand what exactly from your past contributed to your situation today, what exactly needs to be repaired and/or healed so that your present becomes less difficult and doesn’t seem so gloomy at times.

The psychiatrist is a doctor, he is the only one who can prescribe you medication, for example, while the psychologist is a therapist.

When should I choose a psychologist?

When you want to find out how you got to the situation you are in now, what exactly happened and how exactly it influences your life and decisions today.

The coach is a professional who looks at your current situation (with all good and bad) and what you want to achieve in the future. It helps you identify what is truly important to you and helps you build a life that respects these priorities.

In the coaching process, we especially discuss your present and your future plans.

Coaching is an equal partnership in which you, from the perspective of the client, define the subject and the area you propose to work on and the coach helps you through open questions, to discover your own answers, thus based on what is really important for you, you will be able to take the necessary steps towards the life you want in the future.

Even if a coach will let you talk (like the psychologist, for that matter), his goal is to challenge you through his questions so that you discover new perspectives on life situations, so the most suitable solutions for you will appear faster and easier.

A coach, according to the code of ethics, never gives you advice. You are the expert of your life, what a good coach does is to inspire you, to motivate you to get what you really want through your strengths with the help of coaching techniques. A good coach is a good listener, he is present, empathetic, intuitive, and creative, and above all he is on your side all the way.

When should I choose a coach?

You can turn to a certified coach when you want to improve aspects of your personal life, business, relationships, career or you simply want to develop yourself personally, reach your maximum potential, become more productive or to gain better control of your life to achieve new personal or professional goals.