The downside of personal development

Let`s talk about the not so easy parts of the personal development process!

You would tend to say personal development is good, we all know it is. Weather you call it coaching, training, self-development, in a formal environment or in an autodidact way, it`s ultimate purpose is to get you to the best version of yourself, living your best life. 

So, is there a downside to it? 

What I noticed during the past years is that often people start the process and there comes a time when they stop, they get scared and suddenly it probably feels too much, they feel overwhelmed and give up on the process, sometimes even on themselves. 

Development is a progressive process, it is built step by step, just like you can`t build the roof of house before you have the walls and the walls before you have a proper solid foundation. Not to mention that no house ever got built just without a plan and some actual work. 

When it comes to personal development once you realize it how it works, how your mind and emotion help you or hold you back, you soon realize also that : 

  • It all starts with a decision and another one, and another one
  • You can, and must, take responsibility of your actions
  • Clarifications and difficult questions make the real milestones 
  • Progress does not happen without you doing your part of the work
  • A coach will be your greatest partner and bigger cheerleader nevertheless has no miracle pill for changes you want to see in your life 
  • Once you know how things works you can never go back to just wasting time on the coach pretending life will fix itself just as you want it 

Personal growth is a decision you make each, and every day because you committed to yourself, and it is not the coach that you are letting down if you give up but your future self and a life you get to live with ownership and a sense of meaning. 

Motivation does not last, they say, well… neither does bathing, that is why we recommend it daily!