Anxiety… and how coaching can help you?

What if, instead of letting the feeling that makes your stomach tighten to convince you very quickly that you don’t want to, you can’t, it’s not ok, it’s too dangerous, it’s too much, you won’t make it anyway, you could manage it in such a way as it really helps instead of tarring you down?

That feeling / that emotion, and that voice that shouts: no! no! no!… and lists in 5 seconds 20 different reasons to stay still and do nothing, most of the time it has its roots in anxiety.

Through its filter everything becomes much harder, and we get discouraged very quickly, maybe we don’t even get to allow ourselves to understand to what extent our fear or worry has a real basis or not necessarily.

The good news is that anxiety is normal; we can learn to manage it, with simple methods and techniques to significantly reduce the intensity, and the time we spend with this emotion, anxiety. Thus, anxiety does not lose its constructive value to keep us safe, but it does not become an obstacle in the way of our dreams.

Most of the time these simple techniques are much underestimated, these can be simple check points, like being realistic about your condition and thoughts.

Often, when people are anxious, they think about the worst possible outcome of their situation, even if it is unlikely to occur. This only increases the anxiety and its effects.

Next time you feel that your anxiety is triggered, make sure that:

  • Notice if you think about the worst result from the start, and if so, stop!
  • You remember that feelings are not facts – just because you are afraid of a certain result, does not mean that it will happen… just as, just because you want, a positive result will not happen by itself.
  • You identify situations in the past when your worries turned out to be false.
  • Use logic – challenge your mind to think of a less catastrophic and more likely outcome.
  • Allow yourself to find the next step, no matter how small, but towards a positive result.

If it doesn’t work alone, ask for help!!!  A life coach could support you effectively!

As a coach, I always see people who face stress and anxiety. It’s a much more common problem than you think, and we all sometimes need a little help, even from a coach or therapist position.

But, with a good coach, in an open environment and without judgment, any feeling of embarrassment or discomfort will disappear.

The hardest step is to make the decision to talk about what worries you.

From there on it becomes easier.

We will discover together what your triggers are, with simple steps. Sometimes different methods are needed to find what works best for you individually.

We will improve your reaction to what is causing you anxiety today, so that it can no longer prevent you from consistently following your goals.

Take the first step, choose to do more than just worrying.