Don’t grow up

“Don’t grow up, it’s a trap “ 

Sometimes it seems that we spend our whole childhood wanting to grow up and when we finally do grow up, all we want is to be children , at least sometimes, do you know the feeling?

Many of us are at the point where we would rather be free and immature than be grownup and responsible. Maybe during these times more than ever.

To be called childish for some of us may be an insult; as if not long ago was the time when we did everything possible to fit in , we tried to be serious, hardworking, respectable when in fact all we wanted was not to show that all we were was insecure young people trying too hard to look adults hoping that this way we will be happier.

I think we have given too much importance and weight to the idea of ​​”growing up” and have forgotten all the reasons why it is so important remain childish.

 Children dream without limits.

As a child, you can dream without fear of failure that stands in your way. Be proud if you can still dream in a way that the impossible is just a possible for which you do not yet have a defined plan.

 Children are open with their emotions, they allow themselves to feel and express what they feel. For them, emotions are not a weakneses but a motivation by itself without the need to validate them by any rational. Sometimes it is good to remember that wearing your heart on your sleeve makes your heart much stronger.

 Children are not afraid to ask “why?”.

If you are talking to a child between the ages of 2 and 6, the most common thing you will hear is, “Why?” Children constantly want to learn more, to understand more, to get a reason not just a direction (of the herd).

If the world would spenf more time with the  “why?” we would all understand more, we would learn more, we would accept more and maybe we would get closer than growing apart by pretending to know everything there is to know.

Children are creative

In a child’s world there are an unlimited number of games and it is never too late to rewrite the rules.

Somehow as adults we forget that life does not always have to make sense, that sometimes we start  creating for the sake of creating something beautiful.

That life is much more fun when everything is a game, when we know how to laugh at ourselves and at situations. Maybe creativity can’t always open all the doors but it will definitely help you find alternative ways.

The world is much happier when viewed through the eyes of a child, a child who does not know any “have to” but knows that he has the right to ask “why?” and his emotions are strength not weakness.

What part of being a child you miss the most?