The rebel – can scare you or teach you a lot

As a coach, studying human nature, I understood that there is a lot of science and many ways to analyze personalities. Beyond the tests and without referring to any particular method, I think we can all recognize that one of the most interesting but also controversial personalities is that of the REBEL.

A rebel in many ways is like the artist. The most obvious difference is that the rebel does not manifest his talent in a single area, or perhaps did not receive the necessary support, and could not make a profession out of it. Most likely, the rebellious type is the one who needs the management of dreams the most, to become a complete, fulfilled person.

 Society largely condemns the rebels, because their energy seems to be frightening to those who do not understand that it is not motivated by bad will and is not directed against anyone.

But as personalities who can be motivated only emotionally, they are in great need of vocational jobs.  It is often difficult, but if the rebel receives understanding and support, he can channel all his extraordinary energy into CONSTRUCTIVE work, to his satisfaction and to the surprise of society. This becomes a win-win for everyone.

I am fortunate to personally know and work with some rebellious personalities, who, although may never find peace of mind (as many of us define it) , are on the best path to finding a balance in life. The rebel is often defined by countless attempts, which apparently end in failure most of the time. Apparently.

In reality, the rebel needs these attempts, the freedom to take various directions and frequent turns, to experiment. He needs support to find his place and to allow him to express himself in a free, creative and authentic way.

With a little help and an environment where judgment has no place, he finds the freedom to fall and rise in a completely different direction. The rebel will find his dream, a goal that can be transformed into a vocation and is the first step towards a life with more balance but not with less joy and adrenaline.

To see how the rebel finds joy in personal and professional success, he who once seemed for most of people just lost between insecurity and recklessness is the reason why I believe in what I do. I believe in coaching because I believe in people. I believe in their potential above all else and in their need to allow themselves to be authentic. We all have a lot to learn from them and we can start today.

The rebel needs to be able to feel that he dared, he risked, he assumed, he succeeded, he failed, he restarted from the beginning, he learned, he decided, he dreamed, he gave up and he reinvented life, a few times, because the rebel cannot be anything but a rebel and with help he understands that he does not have to be.

 The feeling of freedom and fulfillment is contagious; who would you like to pass it on to?

Next time you meet a rebel instead of telling him to get into the nice standard box society prepared for him, try to just listen to him openly and if you can’t help him, at least just remind him: Yes, you can!