The C word that freaks you out in the 21st century- CHANGE

What is your first thought when you think of Change? 

If you are like most of us, the first thought is an emotion, may be discomfort, fear and some anxiety? 

Fear of change? Fear of anything, I think.

Most of the time, fear prevents us from acting.

We are simply beginning to think of a million lies (yes!) to justify our inaction. We thus become masters in convincing ourselves why we do not need change, why we are better off exactly as we are. Somehow, we still continue to dream of a completely different life. Feels familiar? 

We are afraid of so many things, from failure to mistakes, to disappointment, and sometimes for good reason, there are practical reasons and risks. But doing something is not always the easier first step. And taking action will always show you also that there are things to improve, lessons to learn, mistakes to correct.  Nevertheless, without these there will simply be no change. These show us the way to who we are but most of all who we must become in order to live the fulfilled life we ​​dreamed of.

I’m not saying to ignore what you feel, rather I suggest you balance these fears by putting them in perspective. 

Here is how to do that. 

Ask yourself what are the worst things that can happen if you follow your change? Seriously, the worst! And the reasons why they might happen.

Do you have a list?


Now ask yourself what are the best things that could happen. I’m waiting. Make that list real.

Put them next to each other.

How dos it look like?

Usually the list of pluses is much longer. 

Sometimes we are afraid of change just because it is different, it`s new, and we do not know it, not because we think it is really bad.

And no, don’t let anyone convince you that if you want something else, more, different, you are a ungrateful person and you don’t appreciate what you have at all.

No, acceptance and being grateful is important part of your path, but it does not have to become a limitation, being happy and grateful where and who you are today does not exclude at all the desire for more, for  new things or experiences or the need for change! 

I think it is exactly the opposite, it is the best space in which the C word stops being scarry and starts adding meaning to your life .

Does Change still scare you?

If you find it hard to putting it all in perspective let me know, would be happy to help you!