The imperfect Christmas …

We struggle all year long  to become something that we think we want to be, if we are lucky, we struggle to become something we actually checked and aim to be, and no that does not make it easier just more meaningful.  Then comes Christmas and suddenly all we want to be is us, unapologetically ourselves. But hey, the world just works his ass off to have a perfect Christmas and you just want to be you? have struggles, hate some things, love other things, sleep until you cannot sleep anymore because you need to recover from a year worth of overworking, overthinking, over-worrying just about everything in life?

And here they are those amazing perfect Christmas photos, those amazing perfect Christmas tables settings those amazing perfect all things. Suddenly even the most career focused women you know targets to be the perfect housewife and that guy who run the management meeting the other day spends his days selecting the perfect tree and hanging the best lights in town just to make sure it is visible and shiny enough to prove he had the most successful year on your street. 

So what can you do when your life or at least your current version of self does not really meet the perfect expectations? How do you survive an imperfect Christmas?

Maybe behind each perfect table setting is an overly tiered mom who wants to see the family together and happy. Maybe the guy who spend 2 days hanging lights just wants to see his wife`s eyes glowing as Christmas reminds her of her mom who is no longer here. Maybe that overworked businesswomen just does not know how to stop doing things and promised to stay away from emails so now she changed the computer screen to the over screen hoping it disconnects her mind in some way. 

Maybe behind every perfect Christmas picture there is an imperfect reality and that is OK. 

Maybe it is time we learn that Christmas does not need to be perfect, does not need to be anything else than what you need right now. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with nice colorful Christmas pictures, the perfect baked babka, the nice settings, the candles, or the carols. Just like there is nothing wrong with you if this year you struggle to get into the mood, If you at times feel that this is too much and you are too imperfect for all this.

The last thing that Christmas should be about is extra pressure on you!

This is your confirmation that your Christmas is YOURS to decide how it looks, it can be whatever you need right now. It is all up to you!

If you feel like Christmas carols, hot cocoa, and Home alone or you just want to sit on the couch, dream of summer destinations and read, it is OK. 

This year more than ever please allow Christmas to be about you, about being comfortable, to be unapologetically you, recharge, sleep, take walks, see dear ones, or not, whatever gives you comfort, mentally and emotionally.