Selflove or pet love

Once  I was asked: what if you treated yourself the way you treated a pet? I stared with my eyebrows raised … I didn’t have a pet which didn’t really help at the time to understand the question nevertheless tt find an answer.

Today it is easier for me, I have people close to my heart that live with pets and I have a cat from which I learned a lot.

But what did the question want to trach me? Let’s see .

If you are a responsible person and you love your “fur-baby”  then make sure that:

⦁ is safe

⦁ has water and food

⦁ has the necessary comfort

but is it all we do when an animal becomes dear to our soul?

 Don’t we make sure he likes what he eats, not too much but not too little. That he did his walk or game today, that I caressed him and told him what a smart and beautiful cat he is. We make sure that he knows that he is the head of the house until he does something stupid and then we remember the discipline, how important it is to know what and why but also that his efforts are rewarded and at the end of the day he can happily safely return to us. . Don’t we jump at the first signs that he is not feeling well, we don’t let him sleep for another hour without moving so as not to bother him because he is tired, he just played all night.

 And then I ask, what would it look like if we treated ourselves as we treat our “savage” from the endowment?

What would your life look like if, first of all, you made sure you were safe, drank water (summer has come!) And ate not only coffee, did you have physical and mental comfort?

Do you allow yourself to walk aimlessly and just enjoy the sun and colors? Are you telling yourself quite enough and worthy of love that you can achieve your goals in life with a little discipline and clarity in what you do?

Do you allow yourself to play and rest, not just run after what you “have to” do?

Did you really see a cat worried about what to do?

«Life is not lived safely

Life is lived dangerously »said the cat and went to sleep on that branch!